I have taken pictures of more that 400 flowering plants already, although many of them are still on my unidentified list. Sometimes I find a plant with its seeds and have to wait 2-3 seasons (or never!!) before I find it in flower. I have walked many many kilometres in search of new plants. Some have been found only once and never again.

I have also learnt that when I find a new plant, I have to take as many pictures as possible – immediately. Because tomorrow it might not be there anymore – withered or inside the stomach of another organism.


9 comments on “Plants

  1. Hi there
    Lovely blog! Have you heard of It is run by the SA National Biodiversity Institute (based at Kirstenbosch). Everyone is welcome to add photos of observations and many of these are identified (or the identifications verified) by the various plant/animal experts and enthusiasts.
    Warm regards

    • Thank you! I have been idle for too long and I will appreciate help with names. I also use iSpot to assist and have registered a project Aylestone 8 their too.

      I have spent the last two full days to order all my folders on my laptop and can’t wait to post more than 400 plant species from our farm. A lot are unidentified, so please visit regularly and subscribe to get an email when I post new thingies.

      • Yip, that’s where I saw your website. I am also a bit addicted to iSpot. I am a botanist at the University of Stellenbosch and love identifying plants (amongst other things).

        I will keep an eye out for your observations! The Barberton area is truly spectacular.

  2. hello Slakkelak, is it possible to use two plants pictures on my thesis? or could you tell me what should I do if i want to use your plants’ picture?

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