Thank you for visiting my blog. My aim is to share the biodiversity on our farm with anyone that might be interested. We bought the land in 2003 and I have been taken pictures since then.

Our farm is situated near Barberton in Mpumalanga and it is in the part where the grassland biome runs into savannah.  We therefore are lucky to have a good diversity of species. The soil is basically wheathered granite and is poor in nutrients and therefore not good for agricultural purposes.

I just LOVE this place!

Unfortunately, as in many parts of South Africa, we have a problem with alien invader plants. It is my mission in life to eradicate as much as possible of these pests to save as much of the natural biodiversity as possible.

Just keep in mind that I am an amateur naturalist, although I try my best to correctly identify the species. If you disagree with me, please contact me immediately with a reference of the correct identification.

The pictures on this blog are my property, if you want to use it, please ask my permission first.

A very special moment…


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