Passiflora vines

Family: Passifloraceae

Species:     Basananthe triloba

Passiflora subpeltata (Granadina, White passion flower)

Basananthe triloba is a low growing perennial vine with exquisite creamy green flowers. The ellipsoid fruit capsules are about 15mm long. I found the plant on a small granite kopje. I have never found the green-grey leafs opened up, it is always closed up.

The Passiflora subpeltata (native from Brazil) is an alien invader plant in our area and I’m trying my best to eradicate it. This I do manually by pulling it from the moist soil after a good rain shower. The leafs are water repellent and leaf spraying with herbicide are thus not very effective. Those that I can’t pull out are cut and then effective sprayed with an herbicide containing Picloram. The fruit capsules are collected in a bag and burnt.

Although the fruit has a very pungent smell, Vervet monkeys love it and spread the seeds in their droppings. It is however not for human consumption, not that I think anyone in their right mind would eat the foul smelling thing! The plant contains cyanic acid and is toxic to livestock if eaten in large quantities.


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