Longhorn Beetles

Order: Coleoptera

Family: Cerambycidae


Afridophanes amicus

Crossotus plumicornis

Cymatura bifasciata subsp. bifasciata

Litopus latipes dispar 

Macrotoma pulmonata (Large brown longhorn)

Mallodon downesi

Promeces longipes (Common Metallic Longhorn)

Prosopocera lactator (Turquoise longhorn)

Tithoes confinis

1 Unidentified species

Several species of longhorns are pests, where the larvae bore into wood. I found the Mallodon downesi in a fallen Cussonia paniculata (Hoëveld Kiepersol – Afrikaans) after severe damage by the larvae.

If you can identify some of the unidentified longhorn beetles  or see a misidentification, please make a comment with the information. Your assistance will be appreciated.

Updated 08/04/2015


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