Order:   Orthoptera

Family: Tettigoniidae

Species:           Conocephalus caudalis (Meadow Katydid)

                        Eurycorypha sp (Leaf Katydid)

                        Melidea brunneri (Leaf Katydid) – (Possibly)

                        Terpnistria zebrata (Acacia Katydid)

                        Tylopsis sp (Green Katydid)

                       Arytropteris / Thoracistus ???

Katydids are fascinating insects. They are examples of the finest camouflage (mimicking plants) in nature. Just imagine yourself one of the Leaf Katydids amongst a few leaves…

They are more closely related to crickets than grasshoppers. The males have sound-producing organs on the hind angles of their front wings. This way of producing sound is called stridulation which is the rubbing together of body parts. In some species the females also stridulate.

Something interesting is that males provide the female with a nuptial gift. This spermatophylax is a nutritious gelatinous bolus, a body attached to the males’ spermatophore. This is then consumed by the female during copulation. This increases the attachment time of the males’ spermatophore and thereby increases the likelihood of his sperm fertilizing the eggs.

Many species are carnivores but some include plant material in their diet.

Conocephalus caudalis (Meadow Katydid)

Eurycorypha sp (Leaf Katydid)


Possibly Melidea brunneri (Leaf Katydid)


Terpnistria zebrata (Acacia Katydid)

Tylopsis sp (Green Katydid)


Arytropteris / Thoracistus ???








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