Painted Reed Frog

Order:   Anura

Family: Hyperoliidae

Species:           Hyperolius marmoratus subsp. taeniatus  (Painted reed frog)

This one was very comfortable in the same spot for a few days

 The painted reed frog is about 3 cm in length.

Note the horizontal pupil in the eye

The color patterns on the adult frogs are extremely variable and it vary from distinct stripes to spots.

Yellow stripes dominant with the darker colour in between shining through

The patterns vary from yellow to greenish, and brown to black.

An example of a specimen with green bands

The pupils are horizontal and no eardrum shows on the head. The bodies are elongated and slender. The feet have webbing between the toes.

Brightly coloured underside

 Males have a vocal sac, often with small orange spots. Females lack a vocal sac, but possess a side-to-side fold across the throat.

Note the orange spots

They aestivate during the dry season in sheltered places. Breeding normally takes place in summer.

I have found the frogs quite far from water; most were basking in the sun on plants and were motionless until I poked them to show the undersides. Surprisingly they were moist, although far from the nearest water.

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