Order:   Lepidoptera

Family:  Noctuidae

Species:           Rhanidophora ridens (Dice moth)

                        Rhanidophora sp

 I have read that Rhanidophora ridens can be found on Thunbergia species and since then I don’t pass a Thunbergia without looking for this magnificent caterpillars.

Thunbergia atripicifolia is the species that occurs mainly on the farm, and on it Rhanidophora sp. It may be Rhanidophora cinctiguttata, I haven’t found a picture of it yet to confirm the identification.

In the eight years that we have been on the farm, I have found Rhanidophora ridens only twice. The first time it was within a metre of Rhanidophora sp and the second time I found the two species on the same plant, within a few centimetres of each other.


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